Rules and Procedures

Rules for each competition sponsored by the CIEF are posted along with the prize list/competition schedule and entry form under Prize Lists for Upcoming Shows which ls located under EVENTS in the Main Menu of this website.  For more information describing each of the following competitions, please visit the Competitions section under the EVENTS tab located in the Main Menu of this website.

CIEF National Jumping Series & Championship Rules:  July 2018 Revision

CIEF National Dressage & Dressage Championship Rules:  July 2018 Revision

USEF Dressage Rules:  Click Here.

FEI Dressage Rules: Click Here

FEI Jumping Rules: Click Here

CEA Caribbean Dressage Challenge Rules: 2019 Rules

CEA Regional Jumping Challenge: 2018 Rules

FEI World Dressage Challenge:  For information about the competition go to the FEI World Dressage  Challenge home page.

FEI World Jumping Challenge – For information about this competition and a copy of the current rules please visit the FEI World Jumping Challenge home page.

FEI Children’s International Classics (Gold, Silver & Bronze Tour) –  For information about this competition go to the FEI Children’s International Classics home page.