Welfare Image

Volunteers clearing land at the Ag Dept for an Equine Impound area

The CIEF works very closely with The Cayman Islands Government and The Department of Agriculture to ensure that all horses on island are treated well, kept in safe and healthy environments and have grazing and water available at all times.

In 2014, the CIEF completed a project to refurbish the Equine Pound at The Department of Agriculture to ensure that horses that are confiscated or rescued are housed in a well built, safe and practical environment. 

Should anyone have a concern about a horse your first point of call should be the Department of Agriculture and we would suggest that you go to their website for more information on their online abuse reporting system:  click here.  You should also send an email to reportanimalcruelty@gov.ky.  You final point of contact would be Erik Bodden, the Animal Welfare Officer at The Department of Agriculture who can be reached at 947-3090 or at erik.bodden2@gov.ky.

The CIEF has also worked closely with the Department of Agriculture regarding the importation of horses to ensure that quarantine and transport arrangements are designed with the best interest of the animals in mind.

The CIEF has a welfare fund and allows for the purchase and supply of hay and other essential items should horse owners not be able to afford them for short periods of time. The CIEF is also able to provide education to horse owners to ensure they are familiar with good horse management and care.

Our Welfare Officer can be contacted at info@ciefcay.com.